War Paint (Action Painting Battle)

War Paint {Action Painting Battle} 
April 18 | San Antonio, TX
Combining elements of Dadaism, and the absurdities of American cultural, War Paint is action painting for the next generation.  Artists dressed in painted warrior suits duel each other using their paintings and bodies as weapons.  Action painting has had a short history in the world of art.  It started when American artists took the crown of fine art away from Europe in the 1940's and 50's.  Abstract Expressionism took the world by storm.  Artists such as Jackson Pollock, Franz Kline, and William deKooning were leading the charge with masterful gestural painting that incorporated the artists's body as a medium of transferring paint to the canvas. Then there were artists such as Tokyo born, New Yorker Ushio Shinohara who dipped his boxing gloves into buckets of paint and punched the canvas repeatedly to create his composition.  
War Paint continues this tradition while combing cultural elements that make up our modern society.  But this time the paintings get to fight back.  Since a painting cannot fight on its own, it needs the activation of the artist to respond to another artist's actions.  We then have artist versus artist, painting versus artist and painting versus painting.

War Paint is the first of a series of action painting battles.

War Paint Artists: Raul Gonzalez, Jose Cardenas and Rafael Gutierrez