Work These Days is a presentation of two current bodies of work; Pieces of the City and WhataMachines.  The series Pieces of the City is made up of paintings and drawings on concrete fragments that reflect sentiments of construction, the working class, and current events.  Raul uses these concrete fragments to symbolize both the foundation and decay of modern civilization.

In his WhataMachines, Raul uses screen printing as a tool to create multiple hand-rendered painting-drawing combinations that form a connection between Texas, Whataburger, and construction.  The screen prints were hand-pulled by Master Printer Arturo Negrete at a printmaking workshop held at La Printeria in San Antonio.  Following the workshops Raul used a mixture of acrylic, graphite, charcoal, and colored pencil to create 50 unique screen prints.

 “While my work remains diversified in subject and style, I find it very important to continually use construction and work as a muse for discussing social issues, representing the working class, and finding beauty in the constant creation that is a part of construction.  It becomes a symbol for growth, opportunity, struggle, and can be found in every civilization. 
Construction became a part of my studio art practice in 2009 when I started a public art project called Work Harder|Hope Still Ahead.  The body of work used construction, road sign paintings, and stickers as ways of communicating and redefining ideas about work and the working class.”
Through the generous support of the Surdna Foundation, the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center is proud to host Artist Lab. Now in its third year, the artist lab fellowship provides a select group of local visual artists an opportunity to exhibit their art. Through our partners at LiftFund, the fellowship offers an educational experience in both creative and business development, and an opportunity to build new networks between local artists and the national artistic field. The culmination of these experiences is manifested in a year-end exhibition.

This December the Guadalupe presents its final round of participants, Lisette Chavez, Raul Gonzalez, Sarah Fox, Jose Villalobos, Andrei Renteria and Kristel Puente. These emerging artists will be presenting contemporary works that will blend a multitude of media and concepts.

photo courtesy Luis Garza

photo courtesy Luis Garza

photo courtesy Luis Garza