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Some Sort of History | Recent Werk
and Upcoming Events
Some Sort of History
A Survey of Contemporary Photography
Arturo Almeida, Calen Barnum,
Ron Binks, Eric Mathis,
Victoria Morales, Ricardo Romo,
Libby Rowe, Kent Rush
curated by Raul Gonzalez

Opening Reception
Monday, September 8 | 6PM-8PM
The Plaza Club
Frost Bank Tower
100 W. Houston St, 21st Floor
San Antonio ,TX 

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Raul Gonzalez | RECENT WERK
A Selection of Painting 
from 2011-2014The Plaza Club
September 8 - November 8
Frost Bank Tower, 21st Floor
San Antonio, TX
Due to the request of the Art on the Plaza Director, I will also be showing a selection of paintings at the Plaza Club for the next 2 months. The show,RECENT WERK opens alongside Some Sort of History.

Some Sort of History 2
wood panel, various tape, screws, staples, razorblades, color samples, acrylic, stencil paper, plastic, and screenprinting ink
21.5" x 13.5", 2014

As part of the Mid-America College Art Association conference, which is hosted by the University of Texas at San Antonio, I will be speaking on a "Verbing Painting panel discussion and performing at the opening night reception.

Wednesday, October 22nd:
Mr. Playlist : Verbing Painting Performance

Hometown Artist’s Rodeo
Southwest School of Art
Organized by Ken Little

Thursday, October 23rd:
Canvas Was Just a Suggestion
Verbing Painting: The Body As A Marker
Mid-America College Art Association Panel Discussion

All Day or Until My 8 Gigs Are Up - Part 1

All Day Or Until my 8 Gigs Are Up

Rather than always using my practice of painting to create a 2-dimensional object, sometimes a dance within the surroundings of my artwork is a much more suitable form of expression.  #VerbingPainting
Summer 2014

Classixx - Hanging Gardens (complete album)
Drake - Come Thru 
Arcade fire - Month of May