Artists Looking at Art:
Raul Gonzalez

Portraits of a Working Artist
All American Beardo
performed on Sunday July 3, 2016
actual time: 1 hour

 The McNay Art Museum
6000 North New Braunfels 
San Antonio, TX

Artists Looking at Art Series | Clip of Performance 2 | McNay Art Museum

The McNay Art Museum
Artists Looking at Art: Raul Gonzalez
Portraits of a Working Artist

Performance 2
Show to Show
Saturday, June 11, 3PM - 5PM, 2016
A 4.6 mile dance trek from Radius Center to the McNay Art Museum - San Antonio

For the 2nd performance in Raul Gonzalez’s “Artists Looking at Art” exhibition/performance series, he will dance a 4.6 mile stretch from the Radius Center (106 Auditorium Circle) to the McNay Art Museum (6000 N. New Braunfels Ave) in San Antonio, Texas. Gonzalez will stop along the way to dance in front of random buildings and monuments and will engage with pedestrians along the way. 

Artist Notes
As a former long-distance runner, my body still needs to release vast amounts of energy through some sort of physical activity. While I continue to deal with pain from past running-related knee injuries and surgeries, I still crave that rush of energy and sense of achievement from endurance activities.

I wanted to find a way to combine my love of dance with something that requires a few extra steps. I decided I would “connect” my two current exhibitions – a 2-person show at Radius Center with the McNay Art Museum’s Artist Looking at Art series. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to challenge myself in the realm of art practice rather than athletic sports.

I also recently had a conversation with a friend about the work artists do in between shows – the things people never get to see. By that I mean long processes, hours of drawings, planning, thinking, destroying, rebuilding, laughing, sulking, etc. I knew this dance could be my outlet to express my own portrait of an artist working in between shows.

Full-time working artists have the desire and need to show their work on a regular basis. We want to find opportunities to show our art so we can continue the conversation we create with our work. We also do it so we can help support ourselves or our families. It’s not all glamorous but it’s definitely worth noting. This is my way of reflecting that experience.

Instead of just continuing the conversation my work has started, I also wanted to create a body of work that lends itself to work by other regional artists working in the same manner. The practice of using one’s body as a means to create a drawing or painting in time and space goes back decades.

If you look at what’s happening locally, you’ll see artists such as Jimmy James Canales who left his X mark on San Antonio by walking the city’s limits north to south, and east to west. Then you have Christie Blizard who jumps out of planes with paintings and walks around cities spray painting canvases on her back. Also, there’s the Houston-based duo of The Art Guys who most recently walked the busiest intersection in Houston for 8 hours straight.

“Show to Show” encapsulates all these ideas into what will be a 2-hour dance trek across the two streets I drive up and down every day. Austin Highway and Broadway have become my main arteries of travel in San Antonio since moving into our house in 2015. As often as I use Broadway to make my way to other parts of the city, it was destined to become part of my work.

Note: Performance length may alter depending on any unforeseen road incidents along the way.

June 7 - July 31 | Artists Looking at Art: Raul Gonzalez - Portraits of a Working Artist | The McNay Art Museum

Artists Looking at Art: Raul Gonzalez
Portraits of a Working Artist
June 7- July 31

The McNay Art Museum
6000 N. New Braunfels | San Antonio, TX

June Performances and Artist Talk

McNay Artists Looking at Art: Raul Gonzalez - Performance 1 from Raul Gonzalez on Vimeo.

Saturday, June 18, 9AM.    Werk Out Session
Sunday, June 19, 2:00 pm.    Father’s Day Performance
Saturday, June 25, 1PM – 1:10PM