Today's Lesson: Balance, Painting, and Photography
acrylic, ballpoint pen, graphite, wood panel, 2019

March 29, 2019 – June 3, 2019


Artpace Main Space Gallery
May 16, 2019 - August 18, 2019

Raul Gonzalez : Front, Back, And Side to Side
Opening Reception:
Thursday, March 16, 6pm - 9pm

September 2019 | Raul Gonzalez - Watch Me Werk | HCC Northline Art Gallery

February 2020 | Solo Exhibition| Dockspace Gallery
April 2020 | Solo Exhibition | Cindy Lisica Gallery

Ctrl+A. KSpace Contemporary & Presa House Gallery. Corpus Christi, TX
Spectrum:Exploring Gender Identification. MCLA Gallery 51. North Adams, MA
Raul Gonzalez: All About That Werk. Forum 6 Contemporary. Houston, TX
Friendly Neighborhood Abstraction. Hello Studio. curated by Justin Korver. San Antonio, TX
The Summer Union. presented by Black Buddha Creative Agency. The Union. Houston, TX
Young LatinoArtists 23: Beyond Walls, Between Gates, Under Bridges. curated by Gilbert Rocha. Mexic-Arte Museum. Austin, TX. performance
Collect It For The Culture. curated by Robert Hodge. The Union. presented by Black Buddha Creative Agency. Houston, TX
Somewhere Nowhere. curated by Eduardo Portillo. Forum 6 Contemporary. Houston, TX
Raul Gonzalez: Feelin Like A Champ. Revenant Gallery. San Antonio, TX
Landscapes, Portraits, Still Lifes. curated by Sara Vanderbeek. DORF. Austin, TX
Common Currents. 300 Year ~ 300 Artists. Artpace. San Antonio, TX
VOZ: Selections from the UTSA Art Collection, curated by Arturo Almeida. Centro de Artes. San Antonio, TX
Images of Power. curated by Alana Coates & Mark Anthony Martinez. Freight Gallery. San Antonio, TX